segfault on startup

Johannes Berg johannes at
Mon Dec 22 23:18:42 CET 2003


Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong with my secret keyring that
causes gpa to segfault?

johannes:~$ gpa
Segmentation fault
johannes:~$ mv .gnupg/secring.gpg .
johannes:~$ gpa
[works somewhat, the "generate key now" window hangs, I have to kill it]
johannes:~$ mv secring.gpg .gnupg/
mv: overwrite `.gnupg/secring.gpg'? y
johannes:~$ gpa
Segmentation fault

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  Key-ID: 9AB78CA5 Johannes Berg <johannes at>
  Fingerprint = AD02 0176 4E29 C137 1DF6 08D2 FC44 CF86 9AB7 8CA5
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