[issue134] gpgme/gpgsm: GPGME_SIG_MODE_NORMAL doesn't work (at least for cms)

Marc Mutz aegypten-issues at intevation.de
Mon Apr 5 11:57:06 CEST 2004

New submission from Marc Mutz <marc at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se>:

Try this in current KMail (aegypten_2_0_0_pre3_release tag):  
Define an identity with only S/MIME keys (see #132 for why). 
Open a composer, select the above identity, select "S/MIME" format, 
say yes to sign? and no to encrypt? and. This will succeed. 
Do the same, but use "S/MIME opaque". This will fail with an invalid crypto 
engine error. 
Why is the a backend problem? 
Run KMail in gdb, and set a break point to gpgme_op_sign. 
In the first, case above (the one orginally succeeding), change the mode 
parameter inside a gpgme funtion from the normal GPGME_SIG_MODE_DETACH to 
GPGME_SIG_MODE_NORMAL. -> Signing fails, and we have only changed this single 
Likewise, in the originally failing case of S/MIME opaque, set the mode 
parameter from the normal GPGME_SIG_MODE_NORMAL to GPGME_SIG_MODE_DETACH. 
-> Signing will succeed, although it will of course not result in a valid 
message, due to the opaque/detached mismatch between gpgme and kmail.

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title: gpgme/gpgsm: GPGME_SIG_MODE_NORMAL doesn't work (at least for cms)
topic: GPGME, gpgsm
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