Commits and ChangeLogs

Lorenzo Cappelletti
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 20:40:11 +0100

Hi all,

Werner made me remember with his recent commits about ChangeLog files
that within (X)Emacs you can deal with change comments in a different
way than I first thought.

Starting from the beginning, I initially created new files with keyword
$Log$ in it to help people that, like me, don't have a flat-rate access
to the Internet and need sometimes to know who did what.  $Log$ is
automatically built at each update, so that I thought it was the best

The problem arises when you make several changes to the site and then
connect to the net to commit them all.  You have to remember all what
you did and why.

Emacs' manual suggest to use `M-x add-changelog-entry' command to add a
comment to the ChangeLog file.  When you're happy and ready with your
changes, you can connect, run `M-x cvs-examine', mark the files, and
commit them with the comments you've entered by simply hitting key `C'
(a capital C).

People who doesn't/cannot use (X)Emacs can follow the same steps with
(maybe) a little bit less support from their text editor.

Then, summarizing the procedure:

1. make a change
2. add a comment to ChangLog file within the same directory
3. go back to step 1. if more changes are required
4. connect to the net
5. commit all changed files including ChangeLog files.

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