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Lorenzo Cappelletti
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 23:07:10 +0100

Hi everybody,

I want to resurrect this topic because a mirror admin (sorry, I lost the
email where his name was stored), Werner, and me had a message ping pong
about issue a couple of weeks ago.  I try to sum them up
here. The other two will show better thir points of view if I miss

My point of view is that user should be able to easly remember GnuPG
site URL and relating mirrors.  The www.gnupg.xx scheme can accomplish
this, but it economically expensive.  The best and more logical
solution, IMHO, is to use the DNS hierarchy.

Werner said that he asked a few admins some years ago what they thought
about it and they answered they wanted to adwertise their own sites.

Another issue Werner has to face is weather to give mirror admins full
priviledges on domain.  I think this might represent a good
trade off between convincing admins to use the scheme and
allowing them to manage their mirror.

Our representative of mirror admins agreed with me and he's available to
run a {ftp,www}  He has got domain, too.  He said
it'd be better for him to have full priviledges over

My proposal at this time is to tell all mirror admins running the
mirrors listed on the site that we're about to start this new name
scheme, making clear that their old URL can also be advertised on's pages, if they want to.

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