Draft for xx.gnupg.org

Lorenzo Cappelletti lorenzo.cappelletti@email.it
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 23:41:47 +0100

Hi everybody,

what follows is a draft of the email I'm going to send to all GnuPG
mirror admins.  Notes and (grammar) correction are more than welcome.

A couple of questions:

1. what is the ISO standard that defines the two letters for each

2. what are the avarage bandwidth for a mirror nowadays?  (this value
will take place of yyy, below).

Werner, could you please send me an encrypted list of sysadmins' emails?


Subject: New xx.gnupg.org mirroring scheme

Dear System Administrator,

you have received this message because you are currently mirroring part
or all of gnupg.org site.

With the aim at serving our users better, we at gnupg.org are
considering to implement a DNS scheme for our HTTP and FTP services
which will make it easier for users to remember mirror domain

The scheme is such as that implemented by many other no-profit
organizations, like Debian, XEmacs, etc., in that it makes use of the
two letters of ISO xxxx standard.  This way, an HTTP mirror for country
xx would get the URL:


Other available services that can be mirrored are: FTP and rsync.

In order to avoid misuse or abuse of the gnupg.org second level domain,
xx.gnupg.org and the domains under it will be managed by our system
administrator at gnupg.org.

Because we are aware of the fact that providing free mirroring doesn't
come at no cost, we will continue to advertise your original domain
address at http://www.gnupg.org/download/mirrors.html, beside new
xx.gnupg.org URLs.

When two or more mirrors are serving the same country, the server which
ranks at the top of the list biult up with the formula provided below
will get the xx.gnupg.org domain.

                        score = BW/yyy + 7/UDF


   BW  is the bandwidth in MB/s
   UDF is the update frequency (days per week) the mirror updates its
       contents from gnupg.org.  A daily mirror holds a UDF egual to 7

Because of that, you are kindly requested to reply to this e-mail and
provide us with such information.

When two mirrors hold the same score, the one whose reply came first
gets the precedence.

At last, when there is no mirror serving a country, the xx.gnupg.org
domain will resolve to the same IP as gnupg.org's.

In the hope that this new scheme will help both of us in providing a
better service for GnuPG enthusiasms, I kindly thank you.


email: lorenzo.cappelletti@email.it
Jabber: lolo@linux.it
Fingerprint: 8CDD 3408 53B2 6122 99DA EE37 1523 68FC D906 4C08

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