RE: Can we show in the main page...

Mon, 24 Mar 2003 16:03:54 +0100

> But as you all know (or not) I live in Israel !!!
> And we suffered from Iraqi _SCUDS_ !!! (Iraqi missiles fired at Israel in
> the first gulf war - not far from where I live)

War... such a shame!  I've never lived war, but my father did and I've
understood from him that war is never necessary...

> Now, I personally object to any political propaganda on gnu sites (I
> participate on several)
> If you want, Noel, you can do that on your _personal_ web site !!!

I just noticed that there's a logo on the main page.  Who the hell did that?
We all disagree on a no-war logo.  Remove it, asap!  I cannot do it by myself
right now...