[mod_gnutls-devel] mod_gnutls project administrivia

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Wed Apr 24 17:42:49 CEST 2013

Hi folks who are interested in mod_gnutls--

I'm taking on some administrative work for the mod_gnutls project.
There are changes afoot that you might be interested in.

Mailing Lists

We're moving away from sourceforge, which means i'll be shutting down
the sourceforge mailing lists.  The new canonical mailing list is
mod_gnutls-devel at lists.gnutls.org.  Thanks to Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos
and Werner Koch for doing the back-end work on this.

Any user who was subscribed to any of the -code, -support, or -announce
mailing list is now subscribed to the new list.  If the new list becomes
too heavy with traffic and folks want it to be split out into separate
lists, please say so; i don't think that will be a problem at the moment.

If you're reading this through gmane, i'll be following up with the good
folks there to see if they can consolidate this list with the archives
of the old list(s).

Project Web Site

The new home of mod_gnutls on the web is https://mod.gnutls.org/ -- we
are moving away from the various sourceforge web sites we've used in the
past.  Our web site is now served using apache with mod_gnutls :)

Bug Tracker

we're moving off the sourceforge mantis install, since it was deprecated
by sourceforge.  https://mod.gnutls.org/ has a ticketing system, and
i've migrated all the old mantis tickets to the new ticketing system.
If you're interested in old ticket NNN, you should be able to find it at

Revision Control

We're using git.  The canonical location for mod_gnutls is
git://mod.gnutls.org/mod_gnutls, and it can be browsed on the web at
https://mod.gnutls.org/browser .  More details at
https://mod.gnutls.org/wiki/develop .  I also want to encourage patch
submissions via this mailing list, if anyone has features they want to
add or bugs they want to fix :)

IRC channel

I'm currently idling on #mod_gnutls on irc.indymedia.org, and welcome
anyone interested to come chat over there.

Release plans

I'd like to try to roll a new release using the new infrastructure
sometime soon (hopefully in the next week).  This might mean that we
don't have all the outstanding bugs and feature requests resolved, but
we should be able to cover some of them, and i'd like to get it done as
a checkpoint on the way to more frequent releases for the project.


These changes are all done now, but i'm sure there are things that could
be configured better.  Please let me know (on-list is fine, or via
direct e-mail if you prefer) if you see anything that could be improved
or if you want to help out in other ways.


        --dkg (for the mod_gnutls project)
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