Info about libgcrypt

Dave Trombley
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 18:24:21 -0500


    I found this list from the home page at  There 
unfortunately was little info there on what the gcrypt library is/will 
be, but if I assume correctly it will provide a programmatic interface 
to the cryptographic methods that GPG currently uses?  (ie. GPG 1.1 will 
provide just the front end and "business logic")  If I am not mistaken, 
and this is indeed the plan, I'm quite excited to see it hapenning, and 
find myself wondering about the status - a good, free, public key crypto 
library is exactly what I'd like to start with in implementing a certain 
project idea of mine, and it would be ugly at best to wrap the gpg 
binary with system calls.  Is there a snapshot available? (I poked 
around on, but wasn't entire sure what was what there...) 
 If you are actually in the implementation phase of this, and have a 
task list, I'd love to look it over to see if there's anything I'm 
capable of helping out with. (I'm a math undergrad with an interest in 
cryptography, and a pretty capable C/Java programmer as well)

    dj trombley