how to use libgcrypt library
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 11:19:22 +0800

Hi,how to use libgcrypt library?

I have already install it in /usr/local/bin directory on a Linux OS.I want to use signature and signature verify function to integrate into my network-security programm.But i find not a complete example using signature.

In /src/basic.c,it can correctly compile and run it.But when i change
plaintext,its output is to modify it ,then i use it in my programm?

And ,i think basic.c is not very good for using,for its interface is complicated for user's programm.As far as i am concerned, i hope libgcrypt library can provide a lot of complete function such as signature(,,), signatureverify(,,). So,i can easily intergrate it into my programm.

Do you know where have the complete example using libgcrypt?

Thanks in advance!