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Craig Graham craig at
Wed Apr 14 12:22:29 CEST 2004

Werner Koch wrote:
> Please don't use this versions - use 1.1.94 this will be the real
> stable thing in a couple of days.

Thanks for the response.

How do I obtain 1.1.94 and the new gpg-error? The latest tarball I can find
is 1.1.42 and I can't seem to get it from CVS;

[root at splosh libgcrypt-CVS]# cvs -z3 -d
:pserver:anoncvs at checkout libgcrypt
cvs checkout: warning: failed to open /root/.cvspass for reading: No such
file or directory
cvs checkout: authorization failed: server rejected access to
/cvs/gnupg for user anoncvs
cvs checkout: used empty password; try "cvs login" with a real password
[root at splosh libgcrypt-CVS]#

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