Palm OS 5 Port of libgcrypt

Matthew Reath lnxmatt at
Wed Apr 14 20:12:09 CEST 2004

Basically my ultimate goal is to create a suite of messaging tools that support encryption through OpenPGP public-key encryption.  I have designs for an email client that supports encryption/signing, instant messaging client that supports encryption/signing, a key management application (be able to beam send/receive public-keys, create keys, import keys, export keys, etc.),  and a file encryption utility (encrypt files and encrypt entire SD/MMC, memory stick, CF cards.) I would create the code for Palm OS 5 with ARM support for the intense encryption functions. An ARM 400MHz processor will do the trick. But again it leaves me with the random number issue. I wonder if there is a RNG library available for the palm. I'll have to look.

I would like to use GPL or LGPL libraries to do this and release the entire suite under the GPL. 

Any insight, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated. I've been using GPG for years now and am versed in C/C++ programming and Palm programming.


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On Tue, 13 Apr 2004 21:24:03 -0700, Matthew Reath said:

> I'm looking to get libgcrypt running on my Tungsten. Does anybody know
> of any active ports? By using GCC its possible to install GLib

If it is a POSIX alike system chances are good that you can build it
tehre.  The only problematic part is on how to gather the entropy for
the RNG.

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