building newpg

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Sun May 2 02:39:41 CEST 2004

Once upon a time Sunday 02 May 2004 1:23 am, Werner Koch wrote:
> Don't build newpg at all.  It has been superseded by gnupg-1.9.x .
> You would need an old libgcrypt < 1.1.42 to build it.  The configure
> sscript was not able to detect newer versions with a changed API.

hmm ok this seems just wrong  there is no gnupg-1.9.x  the development tree is 
at 1.3.5  but why would a stable peice of software require an unstable one to 
work.  shouldn't libgcrpt still provide the nessecary API until the stable 
version of gnupg  has the neccessary functionality?


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