decrypting errors with ARM - i386

Ulf Schenk uschenk at
Fri Nov 5 19:40:13 CET 2004


I have a question regarding libgcrypt.

We develop a software running on i386 linux and on the PDA zaurus
platform (linux on strongARM processor). We are using libgcrypt 1.2 and
link the files statically into our code.
Depending on the target (i386, ARM) we are using the GNU compiler or the
GNU crosscompiler.

Encryption/decryption on the same platform works well. But If I move an
encrypted file to the other platform, the decryption process fails with
Example: encrypt a file with Linux, and then decrypt the same file on
the ARM or vice versa.

The configuration of libgcrypt we are using is based on mpi/generic.
I checked also if configure generates different config.h files for i386
and ARM. But the resulting config.h is basically the same. Only that
configure generates for i386 links to mpi/i386 (compared with
mpi/generic for the ARM)

- Did you hear about this behavior? 
- Do you have ideas how to fix that?
- Are there any implications if I use mpi/generic for i386?




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