twofish without block mode...

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Mon Nov 22 18:00:44 CET 2004


I have a program to windows that I want to port to
Linux (so I will use Linux all day at work), the
program encrypt some files with twofish without any
block chiper (like cbc, cfb, ecb, etc), so I need to
encrypt and decrypt in this way.

I started to search at Internet and found basic two
libs the libmcrypt and libgcrypt, the libmcrypt
unhapilly doesn't appear to work WITHOUT block chipers
(or you choose ebc, ecb, etc, or die ), so i started
to check the libgcrypt. :)

Well, The .info file is very informative, but with a
lot of information (i'm a little confused) and not
examples code. :(

The good think I found on libmcrypt is that it have
two .c examples file, why not add something like in
libgcrypt ?

Well, let's to my problem, can someone send me a basic
example code encode and decode of twofish without
block chipers with libgcrypt ?

obs: If doesn't have with twofish can be other
algorithm, i think i can make it work with twofish....
I need a example that work.. hehehe 

Thkz a lot.


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