PATCH: gcry_ac_key_get_elements

Johan Rydberg jrydberg at
Fri Nov 26 00:27:56 CET 2004


I did not find any way of extracting the element names from a key (it
is possible to extract the _number_ of elements using
GCRYCTL_GET_ALGO_N[PS]KEY, though.)  Here's a function that does just
that.  I just write a "ac API" version of the function, since that's
the API I'm using.


2004-11-26  Johan Rydberg  <jrydberg at>

        * ac.c (gcry_ac_key_get_elements): New function.

2004-11-26  Johan Rydberg  <jrydberg at>

        * libgcrypt.vers (gcry_ac_key_get_elemenets): Add.
        * gcrypt.h (gcry_ac_key_get_elements): New.

2004-11-26  Johan Rydberg  <jrydberg at>

        * ac.c (check_one): Test gcry_ac_key_get_elements.

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