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Sun May 22 14:39:30 CEST 2005

Tod Thomas wrote:
> I have two test programs, one encrypts, the other decrypts.  When I pipe
> a string to the encryption program and pipe its output to the decryption
> program I get the original string back.  This is on Redhat 8.
> I took the code from the encryption program and wrote a server plugin to
> perform password encryption to replace an out of the box hashing
> algorithm.  The defined need is to be able to construct our own
> encryption that can be decrypted later on another server.  This server
> encryption plugin works and was been developed on a Solaris 8 box.
> The problem is I can't get the Sun server encrypted password to decrypt
> on the RH box.
> I have debug statements that display the password both before and after
> encryption and decryption, in both hex and binary.  The encrypted
> password generated on the server side doesn't match its counterpart on
> the RH side.
> Since I expected I would be able to just take the encrypted value on the
> server side and decrypt it using the test decryption program I wrote I
> suspected there was a problem in the server plugin.  So I added a call
> to the decryption function there to display it to see if the password
> was getting corrupted somehow.  It decrypted to the correct value.  So
> now I'm stumped and have a couple of questions.
> Should this work?  Is it reasonable to believe I can decrypt a string
> produced using the exact same setup (iv, key, mode, and algorithm) on
> one platform (Solaris), on a different platform (RH)?  If not is there
> another solution?
> This is the gcrypt developer's list, I couldn't find a gcrypt-user's
> list.  Is this the best place to ask these types of questions?

Hi Tod!

Did you get this working yet? If not can you post a link to your code? I
 can help test on different-endian platforms if you like.



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