Little help please...

Tod Thomas tthomas at
Fri May 20 21:24:48 CEST 2005

I have two test programs, one encrypts, the other decrypts.  When I pipe 
a string to the encryption program and pipe its output to the decryption 
program I get the original string back.  This is on Redhat 8.

I took the code from the encryption program and wrote a server plugin to 
perform password encryption to replace an out of the box hashing 
algorithm.  The defined need is to be able to construct our own 
encryption that can be decrypted later on another server.  This server 
encryption plugin works and was been developed on a Solaris 8 box.

The problem is I can't get the Sun server encrypted password to decrypt 
on the RH box.

I have debug statements that display the password both before and after 
encryption and decryption, in both hex and binary.  The encrypted 
password generated on the server side doesn't match its counterpart on 
the RH side.

Since I expected I would be able to just take the encrypted value on the 
server side and decrypt it using the test decryption program I wrote I 
suspected there was a problem in the server plugin.  So I added a call 
to the decryption function there to display it to see if the password 
was getting corrupted somehow.  It decrypted to the correct value.  So 
now I'm stumped and have a couple of questions.

Should this work?  Is it reasonable to believe I can decrypt a string 
produced using the exact same setup (iv, key, mode, and algorithm) on 
one platform (Solaris), on a different platform (RH)?  If not is there 
another solution?

This is the gcrypt developer's list, I couldn't find a gcrypt-user's 
list.  Is this the best place to ask these types of questions?

Thanks in advance.


gcc 4.0.0

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