libgcrypt - Portable?

Tod Thomas tthomas at
Thu May 12 14:29:31 CEST 2005

Tod Thomas wrote:
> I wrote two separate programs using libgcrypt, one to perform encryption 
> and one to perform decryption.  Whan I pass a string to the encryption 
> module and then pipe its output to the decryption module I get the 
> correct value returned.  This is on a Redhat 8 box.
> When I move the exact same code over and try the same test I get garbage 
> output.  This is on an old Sun Ultra-1 box running Solaris 8.
> I built the library from scratch on both machines.  Outside of 
> programmer error is there anything I should be taking into consideration 
> that might point to my problem?

It was programmer error, fread() call problem.  Incidentally, I'd be
willing to donate my test programs should anyone be interested.


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