Compiling libgcrypt under OS X as universal binary

Werner Koch wk at
Sun Nov 12 14:22:24 CET 2006

On Thu,  9 Nov 2006 17:12, tim.kosse at said:

> I noticed, that libgcrypt comes a long with very old libtool files. I

> Would it be possible to update these files in the next libgcrypt version?

We won't do this for libgcrypt 1.2.  However libtool will be updated
with the release of 1.3. 

> Furthermore, I had to modify config.h, I had to add these lines:
> #if defined (__ppc__) || defined(__ppc64__)
> #endif

Updating autoconf should fix this.  Will also be done with the
next/first release of 1.3.

> Last but not least, I had to disable src/gcryptrnd.c, it failed due to
> missing pth.h.

This is all under development.



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