RSA Key Gen: Fast in Test App, Slow in Real App.

Brad Hards bradh at
Mon Oct 2 02:20:49 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 19 September 2006 12:35, jitspoe wrote:
> I made a test app to test RSA key generation and whatnot using gcrypt
> directly.  Generating a 128bit key pair is almost instant in the test app.
> It takes less than a second.  When I try using it in my real application (a
> game), however, it takes several seconds to generate the key.  The
> libraries and function calls are identical.  Any idea what the causes for
> the speed differences are?  I'm using Visual Studio 7.0 on Windows XP.  I'm
> not using secure memory or multithreading.
On the face of it, you are doing something different between your test 
application and the real application. Try cutting down a copy of your real 
application towards your test application.

You really haven't provided enough information to say more. However generating 
RSA keys "instantly" sounds a bit suspicious - perhaps you should review your 
code again.

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