RSA Key Gen: Fast in Test App, Slow in Real App.

jitspoe spizamme at
Thu Oct 5 04:52:51 CEST 2006

Brad Hards wrote:
> On the face of it, you are doing something different between your test 
> application and the real application. Try cutting down a copy of your real 
> application towards your test application.
> You really haven't provided enough information to say more. However
> generating 
> RSA keys "instantly" sounds a bit suspicious - perhaps you should review
> your 
> code again.
> Brad

Thanks for the reply.  Sorry if I didn't elaborate enough.  The test code
and the application code are identical.  The only difference is that one is
standalone, just for testing the functions, and the other is embedded into
my application.  The same gcrypt functions are called and in the same order. 
All I'm doing is generating a 128bit RSA key pair.  I can post the source
code if you're interested.  Once the first RSA key has been generated,
generating another is almost instant, so I'm guessing it's initializing some
kind of prime table.  I haven't delved into the gcrypt code to find out.
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