Cleanup patch

Werner Koch wk at
Sun Sep 3 20:12:38 CEST 2006

On Fri,  1 Sep 2006 08:37, Dirk Stoecker said:

> Quoting from the mail I send the patch with:
> : The patches are fully public domain with no legal restrictions of any 
> : form.

I have said this more timse than I am willing to count.  We need legal
papers, really.  See: .

> Well, finding the bugs and quirks yourself is not? So my 
> internal patch file will grow with every update of libgcrypt (e.g. 

I you don't want to sign a CA it is best to report the problems
instead of lettung us come up with our own fix.  And well, stuff like

 #include <config.h>

is not very helpful.  config.h is not an optional file in Libgcrypt.
Further it makes it very hard to figure things we should really fix,
like the trailing comman in an enum which is only allowed by c99.



p.s.  Some times I even look into mails on Sundays ;-)

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