Can Libcrypt work with ASCII Armored Keys?

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Dec 5 08:38:27 CET 2007

On Wed,  5 Dec 2007 01:12, presannar at said:

> Thanx Werner for your reply. The file to be verified and decrypted
> will be signed using gpg in Windows environment. I need to decrypt the
> same in the EFI environment. I searched online and RFC 2440 specifies
> that the ASCII Armor refers to the Radix-64 encoding.

I understand.

> Am I right to assume that once I dearmor the key, I should be able to
> use the gcry_sexp_sscan api to use the key for decryption?

Definitely not.  After stripping the armor you get to a binary OpenPGP
message which is quite a complex protocol.

I assume that you have full control over the creation of the data and
don't need to accept arbitrary OpenPGP message.  Under such conditions
it is easier to write a useful parser, decryptor and verifier.  I did
this once for signature verification [1] and have a "Tiny GPG" version
in the works which can eventually be embedded into other applications.




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