RSA PKCS#1 signing: differs from OpenSSL's?

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Dec 5 16:21:09 CET 2007

On Wed,  5 Dec 2007 09:07, dos at said:

> <>, which runs without
> aborting and demonstrates that the signatures produced are different.
> Is this correct libgcrypt behaviour?  I'd have filed a bug but I'm
> unsure if I've just misinterpreted the API.

Yes, this is correct.  Libgcrypt expects that P < Q; whereas OpenSSL
expect Q < P.  Here is code to convert this.

  /* check that p is less than q */
  if (gcry_mpi_cmp (skey->p, skey->q) > 0)
      gcry_mpi_t tmp;

      log_info ("swapping secret primes\n");
      tmp = gcry_mpi_copy (skey->p);
      gcry_mpi_set (skey->p, skey->q);
      gcry_mpi_set (skey->q, tmp);
      gcry_mpi_release (tmp);
      /* and must recompute u of course */
      gcry_mpi_invm (skey->u, skey->p, skey->q);

The important thing here is to recompute U because  u = p^{-1} mod q.

I have a item on my todo list to allow for native OpenSSL parameters in
Libgrypt but this has not yet been done.



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