Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at gnutls.org
Mon Nov 12 20:11:31 CET 2007

On Monday 12 November 2007, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Nov 2007 08:00, nmav at gnutls.org said:
> >  I happened to work on some embedded boards that have cryptographic
> > co-processors or so and they can execute AES, SHA etc faster than a
> > software implementation on the same board. For curiocity I'd like to ask
> > whether the gcry_*_register() would allow replacing a default cipher
> > using an
> No, it is not defined.  However, I'd very much like to add such support.
> I recently added a bit of framework for it and I am keen to actually
> code some support.  I am still missing a test machine (remote should be
> sufficient).  Adding support would automagially benefit all
> applications.

Unfortunately the embedded devices that are available at the company I work,
are totally crap. Those are connexant boards, totally undocumented and filled 
with proprietary crap. From what I have seen is that they provide openssl 
engine, thus I was curious whether we could provide something similar (not on 
this board though, no way).

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