gcrypt, MPI, GMP and powerpc64

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Thu Sep 27 15:25:18 CEST 2007

On Mon, 24 Sep 2007 19:25, tg at swox.com said:

> years.  Not sure how you define "maintained", but it was provably
> developed, and the mailing lists were being responed to.

Well, okay.  But the fact was not widely known and the 3.0 release
appeared more or less out of the nowhere.

> Custom allocation has been possible since GMP 1.  The TMP_ALLOC stuff
> that defaults to using alloca, can trivially (at configure time) be
> made to use the customized allocation.

Not possible.  The lockable memory is very limited and thus it was not
that somple.  Please check the code to see what I did to keep the amount
of locked memory at a minimum.

> Ah, did you guess that GMP does not use SSE, and then based on that
> guess spread the rumor that the GMP x86 code isn't very good?

I know x86 well enough to check whether SSE is used or not.

> GMP uses SSE, of course.

2.0.2 does not.  Or what file did I missed?

> We've all seen FUD about GNU projects on the Net many times, but I am
> astonished that a lead developer of one GNU project spreads FUD about
> another GNU project.

I never complained about current versions of GMP and 2.0.2 was very fine
code at its time.



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