Export regulations and DES-only crypto and 'Ohhhh jeeee'

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Thu Aug 7 09:00:23 CEST 2008

On Thu,  7 Aug 2008 01:19, lanas at securenet.net said:

>   Export regulations makes it so that libcrypt has to be limited to
> 56-bit, to be included in a product.  So, until there's another way of

Assuming you are in the US, that is not true.  These restrictions have
been dropped several years ago.  Except for some banned countries.

> ./configure --enable-ciphers="des rfc2268" 
>   I've seen that if RC2 is not included, then the build fails.  It

I doubt that.  rc2 is not different from the other ciphers.

> PASS: prime
> PASS: register
> Ohhhh jeeee: cipher 3 not found

Yhjis is CAST5.  There might be a bug in the configure code.  Check
whether USE_CAST5 is defined in config.h - it should not be defined with
your configure options.

Best would be to 

  grep USE_ config.h 

to see what features are actually included.



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