segfault in gcrypt 1.4.0

gnupg at gnupg at
Thu Feb 21 21:13:25 CET 2008

> > I tried to compile gnupg-2.0.8 with libassuan-1.0.4, libgcrypt-1.4.0,
> > libgpg-error-1.5 and libksba-1.0.3. It gives me gpg2 in subdir g10 but
> > stops with
> That segv is because you used an incomplete build of libgcrypt.
I don't get what's "incomplete" here.

> Use
>   ./configure --disable-padlock
> to build libgcrypt.
I suffer the same problem as before that I need to set 
CFLAGS="-fomit-frame-pointer" to be able to compile rijndael.c which gives me 
a seg-faulting gnupg.

A workaround I found is to start "make" without CFLAGS, compile rijndael.c by 
hand and start "make" again.

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