[PATCH 01/10] Extend test of chained modes for 128bit ciphers

Jussi Kivilinna jussi.kivilinna at mbnet.fi
Sat Nov 24 16:38:57 CET 2012

Quoting Werner Koch <wk at gnupg.org>:

> Hi,
> Wow, lots of patches.  Thanks.  I'll take care of them next week.  BTW,
> at the time I added the AES-NI code, I was often trapped by gcc problems
> claiming that it was running out of free registers.  Some stuff in my
> original code might be related to this.  I can't remember which gcc
> version I used at that time, though.

Maybe later gcc versions have improved in matter. I have tested  
patches with gcc-4.7, gcc-4.6 and clang-3.0 on i386 and didn't run  
into register allocation problems. If there will be problems, there is  
some room for improvement in current asm code (use less "r" variables,  
reuse %%esi for pointers etc, or split asm sequences so that gcc can  
reallocate input asm registers from/to stack).


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