--disable-asm flag not being fully honored

Chris Ballinger chris at chatsecure.org
Fri Sep 20 01:59:56 CEST 2013

When I use the --disable-asm flag it seems to not respect that setting when
compiling. I was finally able to get it to compile with clang by explicitly
also including the -DNO_ASM flag in CFLAGS.

The main issues were related to this code (even with --disable-asm):

mpih-div.c:104:6: warning: invalid use of a cast in an inline asm context
requiring an l-value: accepted due to
      -fheinous-gnu-extensions, but clang may remove support for this in
the future
            UDIV_QRNND_PREINV(dummy, r, r,
./mpi-internal.h:150:17: note: expanded from macro 'UDIV_QRNND_PREINV'
        umul_ppmm (_q, _ql, (nh), (di));                            \
./longlong.h:231:24: note: expanded from macro 'umul_ppmm'
                     "=r" ((USItype)(xl))                               \
mpih-div.c:104:6: error: invalid % escape in inline assembly string
            UDIV_QRNND_PREINV(dummy, r, r,
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