Sexp changes between 1.5.3 and 1.6.0

Ludovic Courtès ludo at
Thu Jan 30 12:03:30 CET 2014

Werner Koch <wk at> skribis:

> On Sat, 21 Dec 2013 21:15, ludo at said:
>> (BTW, as a Schemer, it took me a while to understand that car and nth do
>> not correspond to their traditional Lisp counterpart: the Lisp car and
>> nth return the given element, regardless of whether it is a list or an
> Well, that is a bug and it is related to your reproted bug 1594.  I have
> now fixed it in master and will backport it to 1.6:

OK, thanks.  The fix is not in 1.6.1, is it?  (I didn’t see mention of
it in the announcement.)

>     sexp: Fix broken gcry_sexp_nth.
>     * src/sexp.c (_gcry_sexp_nth): Return a valid S-expression for a data
>     element.
>     (NODE): Remove unused typedef.
>     (ST_HINT): Comment unused macro.
>     * tests/t-sexp.c (bug_1594): New.
>     (main): Run new test.
>     --
>     Before 1.6.0 gcry_sexp_nth (list, 0) with a LIST of "(a (b 3:pqr) (c
>     3:456) (d 3:xyz))" returned the entire list.  1.6.0 instead returned
>     NULL.  However, this is also surprising and the expected value would
>     be "(a)".  This patch fixes this.
>     Somewhat related to that gcry_sexp_nth returned a broken list if
>     requesting index 1 of a list like "(n foo)".  It returned just the
>     "foo" but not as a list which is required by the S-expression specs.
>     Due to this patch the returned value is now "(foo)".

Which spec are you referring to here?
<> doesn’t specify ‘car’,
‘cdr’, ‘nth’, etc.


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