Patch for libgrypt autoconf macro

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Thu Mar 6 21:35:22 CET 2014

On Thu,  6 Mar 2014 17:47, k2k at said:

> That's why it's important to be platform-agnostic as much as possible. Unix-like != UNIX, host tools can be different.

Sorry, that is nonsense.  For example the term "Unix-like" means systems
which behave similar to systems certified by the the Open group to make
use of the trademark Unix.  One might also use the term POSIX but
fortunately Unix is much older than the somewhat restricted POSIX
standard.  And more important, there are many other places which
requires a proper Unix system.

Back to your patch:

 -- Macro: AC_PROG_GREP
     Look for the best available 'grep' or 'ggrep' that accepts the
     longest input lines possible, and that supports multiple '-e'
     options.  Set the output variable 'GREP' to whatever is chosen.
     *Note Limitations of Usual Tools: grep, for more information about
     portability problems with the 'grep' command family.  The result
     can be overridden by setting the 'GREP' variable and is cached in
     the 'ac_cv_path_GREP' variable.

However, that extra feature test is simply not required in this case.



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