Patch for libgrypt autoconf macro

Evgeny Grin k2k at
Thu Mar 6 17:47:21 CET 2014

06.03.2014, 20:36, "Werner Koch" <wk at>:
> Right, it is an autoconf macro and autoconf is Unix only.  If you want
> to build something with Libgcrypt on Windows you won't have any of the
> convenient build helpers at all.  Having autoconf support does not help
> you because the gcrypt-config script won't work either.  Still you can
> use it because Windows is not a moving target as most Unix platforms are.

Build libgcrypt few minutes ago using MinGW-w64 on windows.
libmicrohttpd was build fine with libgcrypt on Win32.
Autoconf is not Unix-only. It's targeted to "Unix-like systems" according to
That's why it's important to be platform-agnostic as much as possible. Unix-like != UNIX, host tools can be different.

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Evgeny Grin

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