Computer Science bachelor degree thesis on Libgcrypt

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Wed Feb 8 09:43:02 CET 2017

Hello, Marcio,

Well, I learned QiGong from the Chinese master when I was a student in
Tokyo.  :-)  No, I am not a master (QiGong or libgcrypt).  But, I do some
development of libgcrypt, and maintain some code.

"Marcio Barbado, Jr." <marcio.barbado at> writes:
> For example, should we post on another mailing list or is this the
> proper one for algorithmic code development?

Yes, here is the place for technical discussion.  I don't know about
"algorithmic code development" you addressed, though.

You can find what's going on in the development by reading our archives.

    The Gcrypt-devel Archives:

Our source code repository is here:

    The GNU crypto library:

Please get the source code by git.  The command line invocation is:

    $ git clone git://

And then, you can examine the history of our development.

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