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I recently introduced the GCRY_PK_KEM algo which I marked as pseudo
algorithms.  Right now we use a 3 Kyber variants and sntrup761 under
this label.  This would we similar to GCRY_PK_ECC and hthe use of named
curves to identify which algorithm is actually used.  Shall we take this
path and if so, what shall we do with ECDH?  ECDH is a pure ECC
algorithm and does not really fit as a KEM algorithm because we would
need to list all supported curves also there.  Or should we add some
common curves also under the KEM label and thus provide a second
interface for tehse curves?

On Fri, 29 Mar 2024 10:26, NIIBE Yutaka said:

> Possibly, ECC KEM API will be only used for PQC.  In this case,
> gpg-agent uses gcry_kem_* API for PQC hybrid, and keeps using gcry_pk_*
> API for existing non-hybrid use of ECC.

Okay for GnuPG.  But is this also good for other applications?



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