Buying FST-01(G)?

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Sun Aug 12 07:08:37 CEST 2018

Simon Josefsson <simon at> wrote:
> however I cannot find FST-01 on Seedstudio anymore.  What happened?

For FST-01 (2010 to 2015), Seeed had kindly offered me an option selling
at their  For not-selling-much product like FST-01 (10
to 20 per month), this option is not available now.

After sold out of FST-01, I manufactured FST-01G (by Seeed Technology)
last year.  It is not available at


> I can find FST-01 (or likely FST-01G?)  through FSF:
> however it isn't clear to me whether I can put Gnuk on it.

Yes.  It is FST-01G now.  This is an only stable distribution channel.
I personally bring FST-01G at FOSDEM or Debconf.

With the product from FSF, you can flash Gnuk by youself.  It has NeuG
instead, now.  It must be the best if it has Gnuk, but I wonder if it
would cause export/import problem around crypto product.  I was taught
that newer ECC would be risky for China, for example.

> What's the best recommended hardware to run Gnuk on?

I believe FST-01G is the best, if you like current enclosure, or you can
make your own enclosure.  I value how it is reproducible by other party.
I don't know other products, which BOM and test plan are available to

This summer, I am trying new PCB with a bit smaller size, to match
Chinese de-facto standard called "wristband USB" with GD32F103.

> Any chance of getting any hardware RYF certified? :)

In 2014, I asked FSF.  I brought two FST-01 to John at Debconf14.  At
that time, such a device was not in the scope of RYF, I suppose.  I felt
that I only got some negative response (like manufacturing process
required proprietary tool of ST-Link/V2), while that was actually

FST-01G was manufactured using BeagleBone Green with my BBG-SWD.  So,
I think that it would be worth to ask again.  Well, staff members at
FSF have been changed, since then.

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