Buying FST-01(G)?

Simon Josefsson simon at
Sun Aug 19 23:34:51 CEST 2018

sön 2018-08-12 klockan 14:08 +0900 skrev NIIBE Yutaka:
> I can find FST-01 (or likely FST-01G?)  through FSF:
> Yes.  It is FST-01G now.  This is an only stable distribution
> channel.
> I personally bring FST-01G at FOSDEM or Debconf.
> With the product from FSF, you can flash Gnuk by youself.

Thanks for confirming this!

> Any chance of getting any hardware RYF certified? :)
> In 2014, I asked FSF.  I brought two FST-01 to John at Debconf14.  At
> that time, such a device was not in the scope of RYF, I suppose.  I
> felt
> that I only got some negative response (like manufacturing process
> required proprietary tool of ST-Link/V2), while that was actually
> relevant.
> FST-01G was manufactured using BeagleBone Green with my BBG-SWD.  So,
> I think that it would be worth to ask again.  Well, staff members at
> FSF have been changed, since then.

Do you think BBG would pass RYF?  Otherwise I see little difference
compared to ST-Link/V2.

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