Buying FST-01(G)?

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Mon Aug 20 05:00:31 CEST 2018

Simon Josefsson <simon at> wrote:
> Do you think BBG would pass RYF?

I don't know, but I think it's not that far, by looking

BBG or PocketBeagle is a bit better than original BeagleBone Black,
since it doesn't assume using video output.  I think that we can use it
with fully free software environment.

For the hardware reproducibility with free software (with possible
modification), it is a bit difficult (yet).

We can find some resources here:

While schematic and PCB design is available, the hardware design was
done by OrCAD, which is proprietary software.

> Otherwise I see little difference compared to ST-Link/V2.

Firstly, there is one step techinical difference.  Perhaps, it would be
also relevant from the viewpoint of RYF.

That is: We can control BBG-SWD on BBG better than ST-Link/V2.  Our use
of ST-Link/V2 is based on reverse engineering, so, while it works
somehow, but it's far from perfect.

If we focus on the firmware of JTAG/SWD device, comparison between
DAPLink and the firmware of ST-Link/V2 is more relevant.  (DAPLink is
free software, which is supported by ARM.)  Device with DAPLink is
better than ST-Link/V2.

If an engineer asks a device for his computer with Debian, I would
suggest a device with DAPLink.

Secondly, for me, BBG-SWD has practical technical benefit when I ask
flashing at a factory.

When their computer runs proprietary operating system, even if it's a
device with DAPLink, I don't know how we can practically protect against
possible mistake/attack,

While I cannot ask use of free operating system on their computer,
asking use of BBG is possible.  I prepare microSD with Debian and
BBG-SWD, and ask them to run a program to flash FST-01G with BBG.

And... I did that and they did accept my test plan for FST-01G

Still, BBG is connected to a computer with a proprietary operating
system, that's true, but possible mistake/attack are limited.

This point would be out of scope for RYF.  This is an argument of how we
can receive free software firmware reliably.

More argument is possible for logistics.  Besides, I was asked about how
we can get anonymously.  My answer was: Please join LibrePlanet, FOSDEM
and/or Debconf, or you can ask PCBA and flashing by yourself.

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