NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Fri Feb 9 01:26:12 CET 2018

tomli at wrote:
> In addition, GD32F103 has better ESD-ratings: 4 kV (HBM),
> while STM32F103 can only withstand 2 kV, it can increase the chance of
> survival of our Gnuk in case of an accident (I've accidentally destroyed
> two official FST-01s while trying to reprogram it, ESD is the only possible
> explanation came to my mind, so I learned how to properly ground myself
> and my workbench as a result, not too bad...)

You mean ESD-rating of the chip itself.

Well, I'd imagine ESD spark in Beijing in winter. :-)

For ESD protection from lines, I put a chip.  I think it works, if it's
from lines.

I don't put much efforts against ESD for the PCB design itself, but I
believe that most important factor is the strength of the chip itself.
If any suggestions, it's welcome.

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