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NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Tue Jan 30 01:13:49 CET 2018

gnuforever <help at tuyizere.org> wrote:
> Where can I meet you? Will you have a stand?

No, I won't have a stand.  I will have a talk on Sunday, let's meet

> Will you also sell the equipments to flash?

No, not myself.

Well, last week, I was asked if selling ST-Link/V2 clone makes sense.
His intention was flashing the hardware of ST-Link/V2 clone to Gnuk
Token.  I answered "Yes, but I'd recommend buying two; one as a
programmer, one for Gnuk Token".  So, he will bring some, perhaps.

ST-Link/V2 clone is something like this:


I don't know if this product has nRST pin support.  If there is support
of nRST pin, it's better.  Since FST-01G doesn't offer access to reset
pin, it doesn't matter for FST-01G.  For example, FSM-55 (another board
of mine) requires nRST pin support to be flashed.

> If not, what do you recommend?

While ST-Link/V2 and its clone are useful, the problem here is it's
proprietary.  Here are some links for ST-Link/V2 information:


These days, the best programmer would be CMSIS-DAP, since the protocol
is documented and published, as well as the implementation.

It's not only the flash programmer itself, but the whole environment; If
you are using computer with something like GNU/Linux which you control
(sans Intel ME), good, you can focus on the problem of good flash

For the manufacturing of FST-01G, I asked Seeed to use BBG-SWD:


(Because I cared about attack vectors in the manufacturing process,
and BBG is their own product.)

Unfortunately, I developed BBG-SWD based on the snapshot of OpenOCD.
Perhaps, I will port it to newer OpenOCD and let run it on PocketBeagle,
when I will have next opportunity of manufacturing.

My talk on Sunday:


And my photo:


See you at FOSDEM!

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