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NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Mon Nov 26 01:31:39 CET 2018

Amos Sam via Gnuk-users <gnuk-users at gnupg.org> wrote:
> soldered switch to 3.3 source

I did like this with FST-01G, and it works for me.

         /// GND

Could you please test again with this circuit, when you have time?

Since I leaned English (by UNIX Manuals) after learning Electric
engineering in Japanese, it's better for me to explain in ASCII art.
(I mean, I don't have good terminology in Electronics in English.)

The switch on-off generates a signal (+3V3 to GND, and then +3V3 again,
since it's pulled up internally) and Gnuk detects its rising edge.

The detection of rising edge (transition) is important.  It should not
just to check the level.  That's because the purpose of this feature is
to require user interaction.

Well, still, an attacker can connect square wave generator to PA2 to
cheat the device.  Or an attacker with mechanical engineering can even
arrange a robot to push the button or to move a magnet to mimic the user

I know that.  You don't need to file a bug report for that.  If enough
demands, Flying Stone Technology would develop self-defense robot for
FST-01.  But, here again, we will have an export control issue.  :-)

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