NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Fri Feb 1 14:47:41 CET 2019

Jonathan McDowell <noodles at> wrote:
> Very nice!

Glad to hear that. :-)

> Now my only wishlist item missing is a button to confirm signing.

Yes, I remember.

Since I put a hall effect sensor on FST-01SZ, you can use magnet
movement to acknowledge signing/decryption/authentication request from
host PC.  It is a feature added in OpenPGPcard specification, and
recent GnuPG 2.2 supports this, with pop-up window to notify a user,
if you use internal CCID driver.

I'm testing FST-01SZ prototype + magnet for five months.  My opinion is:
for me, enabling the interaction for singing/authentication makes sense
in some situations, but it is questionable for decryption, because my
practice is removing Gnuk Token when not needed, and I don't want to
move off my hands from keyboard to acknowledge decryption.

My decision is not a button but a hall effect sensor, because I have an
experience (with FS-BB48), having button on a surface of a board is not
good for electrical connection of USB.  And having capacitive touch
button on a edge is difficult for me.

I hope you can use a magnet for the interaction.

> Do you have any idea what pricing for the new device + case is likely
> to be?

At FOSDEM, from me, it is 30 Euro.  Please note that I only have 10
cases this time (I got them as sample), and there is no logo on that
(GnuPG, Gnuk, or whatever).  I bring plenty of FST-01SZ, it is 25 Euro.

I wish I will able to arrange the order of metal case, in order to ask
distribution of FST-01SZ + case from FSF (as same price setting as
FST-01 and FST-01G).  Now I'm not sure if I can put some logo (the
number matters!).  It may be with no logo.

Note that FST-01G is still available from FSF.  I only have a few of

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