Utilizing Memory Protection Unit on STM32?

Tom Li tomli at tomli.me
Wed Feb 6 18:54:41 CET 2019


It's clear on the datasheet that the Cortex M3-series of microcontroller
cores have an optional Memory Protection Unit (MPU), which is provided
by both STM32 and GD32's chips. Having a memory protection mechanism
can help reducing the impact of an accidental buffer overflows in gnuk,
thus improving security.

I'm still new to the Cortex M3 architecture. My question is, how feasible
is it to introduce new code to utilize the memory protection unit? Can
we simply mark the stack of each chopstx process as non-executable? If
it's difficult, what is the main obstacle preventing it from being
used? It seems to me, that the memory region-based model may potentially
be somewhat inflexible to deal with.

Thanks! And congrat on the successful production of FST-01SZ, I wish you
are enjoying the FOSDEM conference of this year.

Tom Li
Beijing GNU/Linux User Group
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