Run Gnuk on NUCLEO F103RB

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Thu Jan 10 09:32:10 CET 2019


This week, I did hand-soldering for STM32 Nucleo.  I tested Gnuk 1.2.13
on that board (in order to check if my hand-soldering is good).  All
worked fine for me.

Pablo Ovelleiro Corral <pablo1 at> wrote:
> quick question regarding supported hardware: I saw the hardware
> requirement for Gnuk is the micro controller STM32F103.
> (
> Will it run on one of this boards?:

Please see:

The purpose for my Nucleo board is not Gnuk, in fact.  I'm considering
to make poorman's card reader with this board.  My frustration testing
OpenPGPcard has been: there is no good card reader with free firmware.
In this year, I plan to have a solution.  And this is the first step.

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