gnuk with GD32F103

Karsten Müller email at
Fri Jan 11 00:10:47 CET 2019


I am going to build my own gnuk device (schematic based on german
nitrokey version) and after first success with original STM32F103
microcontroller, I want to try a GD32F103 microcontroller. (as used in
fst-01sz version)
Unfortunately it does not work out of the box.

My first attempt was to flash same binarys... Then, for a quick and
dirty test, I adapt FST-01SZ board file with pin configuration of
nitrokey... so clock settings and gd32 specific settings stay the same.
(For latter, I only found a compile decision in adc functions - is that
correct?) But that did not work either.

For compiling I use arm toolchain and for programming texane/stlink with
a stlinkv2 programmer. Programming gives no errors.

I am wondering, because I thought that both microcontrollers nearly the
same from an outer point of view.
Is there anything else to consider, if using GD32F103 instead of STM32F103?

best regards,


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