gnuk with GD32F103

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Fri Jan 11 07:37:47 CET 2019


Karsten Müller <email at> wrote:
> I am going to build my own gnuk device (schematic based on german
> nitrokey version) and after first success with original STM32F103
> microcontroller, I want to try a GD32F103 microcontroller. (as used in
> fst-01sz version)
> Unfortunately it does not work out of the box.

I think that your writing of "schematic based on german nitrokey
version" may be not accurate expression, if it's for Gnuk, well, from
the author of FST-01* design.  IIUC, at least some of Nitrokey board
designs are based on my FST-01 design, including the one which is almost
same circuit.  Do you know the FST-01 design (no suffix version), or
the design of FST-01G?

It's good if you can show your schematics and how it's different to

> My first attempt was to flash same binarys... Then, for a quick and
> dirty test, I adapt FST-01SZ board file with pin configuration of
> nitrokey... so clock settings and gd32 specific settings stay the same.
> (For latter, I only found a compile decision in adc functions - is that
> correct?) But that did not work either.

Please elaborate your configuration of Gnuk.

For Gnuk with GD32F103 (examples are BLUE_PILL_G and FST_01SZ with
board-blue-pill-g.h and board-fst-01sz.h respectively), you can find
MHZ=96 in src/configure.  This is important for GD32F103.

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