PSA: building chopstx on Ubuntu is very broken

Mike Tsao mike at
Fri Jan 11 06:20:39 CET 2019


If you try building anything using chopstx, including gnuk and neug, using
the Ubuntu 18.04 "gcc-arm-none-eabi" compiler, or
the libnewlib-arm-none-eabi library, the resulting binaries won't work.
You'll get as far as flashing the image to your device and plugging it into
USB, and then you'll get all sorts of errors in dmesg like these:

[80745.158745] usb 1-4.4: new full-speed USB device number 46 using xhci_hcd
[80745.158892] usb 1-4.4: Device not responding to setup address.
[80745.366901] usb 1-4.4: Device not responding to setup address.
[80745.574730] usb 1-4.4: device not accepting address 46, error -71
[80745.575119] usb 1-4-port4: unable to enumerate USB device

Use the arm-provided toolchain instead ( and
you'll have a better outcome. This has been broken in the Ubuntu
distribution for more than 6 months (maybe upstream Debian as well). I'm
sure it would be very frustrating for someone who was following this
project's build instructions carefully, yet still ended up with nothing

I hope this PSA saves you from that frustration.
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