Possible bug or opportunity for user error with admin/user password

Mike Tsao mike at sowbug.com
Wed Jan 30 05:21:23 CET 2019

This is on FSIJ-1.2.13 running on an ST_DONGLE.

   1. Flash using standard method.
   2. gpg --card-edit
   3. factory-reset, y, yes
   4. rm -rf .gnupg, kill gpg-connect-agent, etc. so GnuPG is fresh
   5. gpg --import my-secret-subkeys.gpg
   6. gpg --edit-key myname
   7. key 1
   8. keytocard
   9. (answer menu for encryption key)
   10. when asked for admin PIN, enter 12345678
   11. when asked again for admin PIN, enter 12345678
   12. exit
   13. gpg --card-edit
   14. admin
   15. passwd
   16. enter 1 for user PIN
   17. *enter 12345678*
   18. when asked for new password, enter thisismypassword
   19. when asked again for new password, enter thisismypassword
   20. exit
   21. gpg --card-status to confirm that the gnuk device is now loaded with
   the key
   22. gpg -d something-encrypted-with-this-key.asc
   23. when prompted, enter thisismypassword
   24. get "no decryption key"
   25. try again
   26. try again
   27. device is locked

Do you see what I did wrong? At step 17 I entered 12345678 instead of
123456. I forgot that the default admin PIN is different from the default
user PIN. But the messages that GnuPG printed suggested that the password
change succeeded! (See transcript below.)

Moreover, I went back to step 25 and tried entering 123456. Nope -- the
password is indeed changed, but it's changed to neither 123456, 12345678,
or thisismypassword.

The bug I'm reporting is that I don't understand why GnuPG accepted the
wrong initial user PIN. Why didn't it report that the password change
failed? Aside from it being obviously frustrating because the only way to
fix it is to factory-reset and do the whole process over again. But it
could be a serious issue if a user believes the device is correctly set up,
and then (foolishly) discards other copies of the secret subkey.

I hope this is something within gnuk's control. If it's just GnuPG being
silly, then there isn't much this team can do about it.

(transcript of session follows)
> admin
Admin commands are allowed

gpg/card> passwd
gpg: OpenPGP card no. D2760001xxxxxxxx detected

1 - change PIN
2 - unblock PIN
3 - change Admin PIN
4 - set the Reset Code
Q - quit

Your selection? 1 [entered 12345678, then thisismypassword twice]

*PIN changed.    <===== NOTE REPORT OF SUCCESS*

1 - change PIN
2 - unblock PIN
3 - change Admin PIN
4 - set the Reset Code
Q - quit

Your selection? q

gpg/card> verify [entered thisismypassword]

Reader ...........: 234B:0000:FSIJ-1.2.13-xxxxx
Application ID ...: D2760001xxxxxxx
Version ..........: 2.0
Manufacturer .....: unmanaged S/N range
Serial number ....: xxxxxx
Name of cardholder: [not set]
Language prefs ...: [not set]
Sex ..............: unspecified
URL of public key : [not set]
Login data .......: [not set]
Signature PIN ....: forced
Key attributes ...: ed25519 rsa2048 rsa2048
Max. PIN lengths .: 127 127 127
*PIN retry counter : 2 3 3                 <===== NOTE DECREMENT*

(end transcript)
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