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Peter Lebbing peter at
Thu Mar 14 18:19:04 CET 2019

On 14/03/2019 18:07, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> So that raises the question: what version are you trying to compile?

Wow, I'm trying to be helpful but I'm generating a lot of noise. You already 
mentioned that, and I can reproduce it.

GNU make will automatically compute the target gnuk-vidpin.bin and intermediate 
gnuk-vidpid.elf, and the chopstx is written in such a way that it 
actually wildcards any elf file to build the project! So you could write 
build/my-cool-project.bin and it would actually build something equal to 
gnuk-no-vidpid.elf! Haha.

So it's back to my suggestion in the first mail: don't give a target, or if you 
feel you must, specify 'all'. For curiosity's sake, build/gnuk.bin will also work.



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