Alternative Gnuk token board design

Rigas, Evangelos e.rigas at
Wed Mar 20 15:46:56 CET 2019

Hello all,

First, I would like to thank you for your great work.

I was insipired by Niibe's work on FST-01 token and Gnuk and decided to
make my own (a good excuse to get familiarised with Kicad).

My main goal was to make the token more compact, reduce the BOM
slightly and add the Hall effect sensor from FST-01SZ (The board uses
the STM32F103TB as FST-01G). 

You can find the design files here:
(pcb) and (case).

I tried Gnuk and GnuPG (from Git) and it works perfectly (even the ACK 

You can find the changes to chopstx here: 
in case you want to include it to the project. 
In that case I will try to get a PID from as mentioned in a
previous thread (Binary distribution).

Kind regards,
Evangelos Rigas

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